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STAR Medicaid

Quality health care at no cost includes dental, prescriptions, eye glasses, and more.


What is STAR?

STAR is a Medicaid-managed care plan. This plan helps family members of any age. Texas Children’s Health Plan offers STAR in more than 20 counties in the Jefferson and Harris Service Areas. Learn more about STAR.

How does STAR work?

If you qualify for STAR, you will need to choose a health plan. You will also need to choose a main doctor for all of your or your child’s basic care. STAR covers children up to age 21, some adults, and pregnant women. Members must renew coverage every 6 months.

What does STAR cover?

STAR’s benefits include:

  • Prenatal care.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Eye exams and glasses.
  • Dental care for kids.
  • Doctor visits.
  • Vaccines.
  • Hospital care.
  • Drug abuse services.
  • Hearing tests.
  • Much more!

How do I pick Texas Children’s Health Plan?

After you receive your enrollment form, you will need to write in Texas Children’s Health Plan as your health plan. You will also need to pick 1 of our doctors. If you need help filling out the form, call the STAR Help Line at
1-800-964-2777 and tell them you want Texas Children’s Health Plan.