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Special Features

Please take a moment to view the following Special Features and Public Awareness campaigns.

Don't Wait for Skin Infections

Skin Infections
"Don't Wait for Skin Infections" serves to educate people about the dangers of skin infections, how to avoid them, what to look out for and offering helpful first aid tips. Click to visit the Skin Infections microsite.

Lead Screening Awareness

Screening Awareness
“Get the Lead Out” is aimed at increasing awareness of the dangers posed by childhood lead poisoning. Click to visit the "Get the Lead Out" microsite.

Register to Vote

Register to Vote
"Your Vote Counts" is a public service message designed to raise awareness of the importance of voter participation, encouraging people to register to vote. Click to visit the Voting Registration microsite.

Summer Safety

 Summer Safety - ENG

Texas Children’s Health Plan wants every parent and child to understand the risks that come with summer. You can learn about the different types of summer risks here. Click to visit the Summer Safety microsite.