Complex Case Management Services

Case Management

Our Case Managers will guide you and your family to better health outcomes and can:

  • Help you with finding programs that are needed.
  • Make doctor appointments.
  • Make referrals to agencies for services.
  • Plan for travel to and from a doctor's office.
  • Set up home visits to teach you how to use medication and equipment.

Resource Coordination

Resource Coordinators can help you apply for Social Security Income (SSI).  The resource coordinator can:

  • Make home visits and help you complete the paperwork for the SSI form. 
  • Assist you with referrals to local and state agenices that offer the program your child may need.

End of Life/Life Care Planning

Life Care Planning gives families peace of mind. They can help maintain stability and quality of life for your loved ones. Our Case Managers will talk to you more about the programs. 

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